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Thank you for visiting "The SOUTH AFRICAN National Commodity Exchange", S.A.N.C.E (Pronounced SAANS). We endeavour to make it easier for those who has Commodities for sale to find Buyers, and for those wanting to Buy Commodities, to find Sellers, quickly and easily without the need to run around from meeting to meeting (TTM) looking for Product or Funds.

The National Commodity Exchange is a Commodity Trading company. We try to deal straight with both Buyers and Sellers.

One major Focus of the Commodity Exchange is to assist Commodity Brokers and traders and to set guidelines for a currently "unregulated" South African commodity industry.  Intermediaries, Buyers, Sellers, Mine owners, Shareholders and Mandate Holders are invited to register with S.A.N.C.E.

In return all registered Members immediately receive accreditation and then receive electronic confirmation by way of a registration number and a S.A.N.C.E. Accreditation Membership Card with your unique Membership Number and your Colour photo. A special Web Page is also built for every S.A.N.C.E. member (and a copy of their S.A.N.C.E. membership card placed online) so that anyone wanting to verify Membership of individual S.A.N.C.E. members, can do so quickly and easily.

Registered S.A.N.C.E. Members receive preferential information from the National Commodity Exchange when we receive pre-qualified products (POP) and "Proof of Funds" (POF). 

Mine owners,  Local and International Buyers as well as the large mining Houses and the Legal world are all quickly becoming familiar with S.A.N.C.E. Since their experience with us is normally very positive, more and more mines and Buyers turn to us for assistance. International Buyers prefer to deal through accredited members of S.A.N.C.E. 

Being part of S.A.N.C.E. will create excellent Business opportunities for you!

The National Commodity Exchange strive to serve as a centre where Products and Funds can meet. Many Buyers and Seller are running around trying to source either Product for their Money, or Funds for their product. They are often messed around from meeting to meeting where either no POF (Proof of Funds) or POP (Proof of Products) exists.

The Commodity Exchange can also assist Commodity brokers and S.A.N.C.E  members to verify both proof of product (POP) and proof of funds (POF).  Once POP and POF have been 100% verified and confirmed, the Buyers and Sellers will be contacted to arrange a once off TTM where final proof will be presented to both parties concerned, and the final signing of agreements will be arranged.

The Commodity Exchange can assist in drafting final contracts, prepare IMFPA's for signing by the Sellers, Buyers and Intermediaries and can also be appointed as paymaster, securing the payments for all concerned on a monthly basis.

The Commodity Exchange endeavours to be a complete, "One Stop" Service and takes pride in assisting the Commodity Industry in S.A.

S.A.N.C.E. very effectively makes use of the AA Agreement.
The agreement is basically an Attestation document, signed by both Sellers and Buyer who are willing to confirm in writing that they do indeed have, either "The Product" offered for sale or "The Funds" to purchase the Commodities concerned. The AA Document is very useful only and only if Completed properly and the requirements as stated at the bottom of the agreement is provided. The AA agreement can also be referred to as a "
Single point of accountability Agreement" or SPA.

The fact is that someone should stand accountable when product is offered or when a buyer or his mandate states that they do indeed have either thee "Product" or "Funds". If no-one is willing to make such attestation, who will then be the person coming to the final TTM to sign the agreements-a bunch of empty handed, hopeful commodity brokers?

If Seller states that they definitely have the Product, we normally request a FCO (Full Corporate offer) and wherever possible the AA Agreement, completed and signed by the accountable person. If no one is willing to sign the AA Agreement, we know that they do not actually have the product themselves, but may have heard about it from someone they know.

To assist you to verify POP or POF today, feel free to contact us.

The Fact is: You will find what you are looking for much easier through us!

Note: Intermediaries interested to make quick money simply because of their presence in meetings, and who are not involved in doing the hard work involved in commodity trading will be only be facilitated as referral agents and will be rewarded handsomely with "Once Off Referral Commissions".

Join S.A.N.C.E. now - Only R1500 per year
(full Membership and Accreditation)

(S.A.N.C.E. Members are automatically placed on our mailing list)

We will need Copy of your ID, a recent Full Colour Electronic Passport photo, the online application form completed and your Annual payment.

We invite all Intermediaries to register as Intermediaries with the Commodity Exchange (S.A.N.C.E.) You will be allocated with a registration number and your own unique Membership Card.

For this you will

a) Be notified FIRST when New Product, or Buyers with Funds, register with S.A.N.C.E.

b) Receive a regular Email update with Product, information, news and updates

c) You will Automatically, when registering be accredited as a S.A.N.C.E. Affiliate

d) We offer assistance to conclude transactions

e) From time to time we offer training to S.A.N.C.E. Members on different subjects of interest (individual courses normally cost between R500-R750 per course)

f) We will forward you your Special Membership Card containing your S.A.N.C.E. Membership number, ID Number and Photograph, stamped by S.A.N.C.E.

g) As a S.A.N.C.E. member you may and should  use your S.A.N.C.E. membership Number on your Letterheads, emails and Business Cards.

h) You will be joining our Circle of Senior commodity Brokers. We have occasional meetings where available Product, methods to Market Products, Advertising of Products, names of people not to be trusted and why, market trends etc. etc. are discussed.  We then invite specialists in their fields to briefly address the meeting on various subjects of Interest such as RBCT, Coal, Mining, Chrome, Manganese, Rail allocations and how it works and other problems and solutions in the Industry. These meetings normally happen either in Johannesburg, Centurion or Pretoria.

More detailed Benefits of S.A.N.C.E. membership are available at www.SANCE.co.za/Benefits

Please Note:
1. Membership does not mean that S.A.N.C.E. will be employed by you. We work with Commodity Brokers, Mines and traders but we do not work for them. 
2. Membership fees are not refundable. We work as much as possible with verified genuine products. If you call us or send us emails with incomplete details, your email may be ignored.
3. We are traders ourselves and will work with you. We spend much time in the field and does not sit at our PC's awaiting your emails all day long. When you send emails we will respond as and when we can (please do not demand speedy email replies).
4. We cannot guarantee anyone's success.

Being a S.A.N.C.E. member does not be default entitle us to any of your commissions.
S.A.N.C.E. will only share in commissions when we are actually involved in a specific transaction with you.

Success is commodity trading primarily depends on the following three items:
a) Genuine quality products (that can be verified - POP)
b) Genuine Buyers with the funds to transact  (POF) and
c) Good, fair prices

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